A wedding full of grace

Before I start, let me please redirect you to Scott’s blog for the funniest video we have so far of my niece, Lauren. Scott explains how Lauren associates our presence with her mom leaving and us taking from home and shows her reaction when she first sees us in her house. I can’t get enough of it. I keep watching it over and over again.

On June 7th, 2008, I helped our friends, Tom and Grace in their wedding day events as the ceremony coordinator. Tom works at the church with my husband, Scott, and we really got to know Grace when she came on a Japan mission trip with us a few years ago. I like to think I helped them out a lot and I was prepared for the usual wedding details…but we did have a problem with the heat…and the guests who didn’t start arriving until the ceremony was schedule to start. It definitely got chaotic and I was running back and forth and the poor bridemaids were huddled in the van when I started just shooting them one by one down the aisle. I caught them off-guard, poor things, although, they just went with it…Jen told me today that there was this crowd of people just standing in the aisle and she kind of had to shoo them to the sides as she processed down the aisle. But they reacted beautifully and went with it and it was beautiful. Once it started, you kind of forgot about the heat.

Uncle Norman, father of the bride, made this beautiful trellis that hung over the couple. It was the first time that the wedding officiant, Pastor Carl, was also one of the groomsmen. So, he would step out of his line, perform the wedding, and then meld right back in with the rest of the groomsmen. I had a list of the 3 ringbearers and 3 flowergirls with a description of each one, but I left that behind and only had their names. So I just referred to them as “come here flowergirl” or “get in line little ringbearer.” It was real cute when the reception was ending and one of the little boys almost bowled me over with a hug saying ‘bye auntie” and I could only respond with “bye bye ringbearer.” And the other highlight for me, was the bread roll I picked out at Foodland for their communion. It was the only one I could find at 8 in the morning, or they could have a communion donut (Jen suggested a communion bagel). It wasn’t until after the couple’s communion when I was cleaning up and discovered that the roll was in fact, an-pan, which meant it was actually filled with bean paste. It got quite a laugh from the aunties all around me who pulled out their camera. Darn it, I didn’t take a picture of it.

Climbing the trellis

childrens church 089

The lovely ladies of the Tom-Grace wedding

childrens church 092

childrens church 093

childrens church 088

June 7th 2008 in color

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