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Our Christmas Card 2008

I’m scared to even start this post. The last two times I’ve started, I’ve literally been at this point when the phone rings and a big case has come in. Ooops, have I unwittingly divulged that I might be blogging from work. Not true, I completely deny it.

Well, Merry Merry Christmas. Isn’t my husband a doll? I couldn’t believe he was so agreeable in letting me try out my idea for this year’s Christmas card. It was the Thursday that it was gushing buckets from the skies and we had no electricity the entire day. The rain stopped for 30 minutes and I rushed us outside. Absolutely no sun in the sky and Scott kept squinting in every picture and claiming “It’s too bright…it’s too bright, I can’t open my eyes.” So, I gave up on trying to find a “open eyes/smile” shot and we used this one. I love it, it’s one of my favorites. He makes me laugh…every day.

He can also make me cry. I blogged earlier about the recession and us deciding to forgo a Christmas tree. Well, several days later, I came home about 8 in the morning from work…opened the door, and there was this beautiful Christmas tree standing right in front of me. I must have been tired because I instantly started crying. It was the sweetest gift Scott could ever have given me. I’m walking around, tears in my eyes, taking off my backpack…when I think….wait, what if this is Stanton’s tree and I’m crying over my brother-in-law getting himself a Christmas tree. So, I creep into our dim bedroom and sniffle as I nudge Scott gently “who..sniff sniff…whose tree is that?” I don’t remember, but I think that even half-asleep, he had some wise-ass reply…but I didn’t care because I was right…it was our tree and I cried even more. I love our beautiful beautiful, already brown and dying Christmas tree…it is be-yu-ti-ful.

To all my friends and family, I wish you a Merry Christmas. Despite the hard times of the economy, this Christmas is proving to be completely filled with joy and laughter. Last night, I opened the gift from my sister. She got me a huge case of Coke and Scott a huge case of Dr. Pepper. Hee hee, she knows us so well.

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