Relatively fresh faces to Hawaii, the L ‘ohana have fully embraced island life with eagerness and excitement; ready for sandy toes, salty swims and adventures in ironwood forests. Excited, they wanted new family photos of their beautiful family and showing off their gorgeous new playground. I happily answered the call.

From the start, Elizabeth and Dan were clear that they wanted photos that were natural and relaxed and that is something that strikes a chord for me. As a family photographer, my goal is to bring out the best of families in photos that they will treasure for a lifetime. And more significantly, I want their photos to be and feel genuine to them. It means getting to know them before a session, taking our time during the session, and being open and creative to where the mood takes us. We had parked near the woods and the sinking sun was showering the trees in dancing light. So, we ignored the beckoning call of the sea for a bit and followed the girls as they skipped through the forest, playing ring-around-the-rosie and becoming giants sitting on dad’s shoulders.

Then we scampered down to the beach. The weather was ridiculously gorgeous and it was the perfect beach day. Something that didn’t go unnoticed by anyone, as we were not the only ones enjoying it. We headed down the shore away from the crowds and once we reached a solitary stretch, we kicked off our shoes and played away. In her initial inquiry, Elizabeth claimed that they were “awkward” in front of the camera, which I quickly laughed off. There was nothing awkward about this loving and fun-loving family.  Just see for yourself.

family photo of mom on beach in Hawaii

playful and natural photo of girls in hawaiian forestnatural and relaxed family photos in Hawaiiartistic children portraits on Oahumom and daughters hugging in Hawaii family photoWaimanalo beach family photoOahu famiy photo on the beach by professional photographercouple walking on beach on north OahusistersSisters laughing and talkingOahu family photo in the middle of forestdad and daughters in family photo


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We can’t help ourselves.  We’re fascinated with proposal stories.  They come in all colors and shapes; funny, endearing, sentimental, laid-back, elaborate, romantic, or short and sweet.  They’re as diverse as the couples in love and despite how different they are, they’re always heartfelt and always memorable.  It will be a story that you will tell and tell often.  It is one of the most private and intimate moments of your life that is quickly followed by a joy that you will want to share with everyone you love and who loves you.  And with the right photographer, you can share that moment with photos so even if they weren’t there with you, it feels like they were.

Joe and Momo are the sweetest of high school sweethearts. Joe was working long hours in the days leading up to the big proposal so we didn’t have much time to talk and plan. But we had a time and a place.  This proposal story was definitely generous with romance and gorgeousness.  Joe planned a picnic date.  They picked up food on the way and ate it on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  They lay on the rocks warmed by the setting sun and read together.

I knew the spot well and I knew there wasn’t many places to avoid detection so I made sure I brought the right camera gear to capture the proposal from afar.  The backdrop was freaking amazing and that helped in more ways than one.  A few others had trickled nearby to take photos of the incredible sunset. I introduced myself and made friends with a group sitting nearby and blended in with them.  But I wasn’t looking at the sunset, I was looking at the couple at the ocean’s edge that were now holding hands.

He held her hands and asked for her forever.  And she said yes.  Cue tears and hugs and a slew of cell phone selfies.

He laughed when she wistfully wished there was someone to take a picture of them together and he pointed in my direction and waved me over from my hiding spot.  Joe really had thought of everything!

perfect spot for oahu surprise proposal in hawaii

a surprise proposal and engagement by honolulu photographer


a photographer captures a couple right before the surprise proposal in hawaii

moment of the big surprise proposal in hawaii

kiss between newly engaged couple after marriage proposal

tender moment in East Oahu

newly engaged couple in Oahu photo shoot

suprise proposal in hawaii caught in photos

honolulu engagement photograph after surprise proposal

first kiss as newly engaged couple in Honolulu


she said yes oahu surprise proposal photographed by hawaii photographer


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